This blog is about my thoughts on managing emerging execution paths between participants of an enterprise eco-system (both business and IT activities) and ways to build such an architecture that delays any binding or connection as a result of mediation or matching needs and capabilities between any 2 interacting peers as late as possible by externalising the complete set of infrastructure elements that forms the path between the 2 interacting entities to an execution context.

The concepts explored in this domain include among many others:

  • Fractal Modeling
  • Semantic SOA
  • Context-awareness (COP)
  • Model-driven architecture
  • Modeling tools and technologies
  • Emergence
  • Resources-Events-Agents ontology

Design methods include:

In short, my passion is about connecting the dots between concepts/components/systems/etc in a problem domain and also the solution domain in a minimalist manner, thinking globally but acting locally.  According to Albert Einstein, as simple as possible but not any simpler.


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