Simple rules for a complex world

I have just read a thought provoking article at HBR.
The questions that set me thinking from the perspective of enterprise modeling are:

  1. How do we model specific and strategic bottlenecks?
  2. How do we model historical data in such a way to ease future thoughtful analysis that is crucial to developing simple rules?
  3. How do we provide a modeling environment that allows rules that are developed by the greater community?

Simplexity is the tension between simplicity and complexity.  These solutions are principles of simplification that enable an organism to deal with information and situations, while taking into account past experiences and anticipating future ones.

In other words, in a complex world, solutions are not simple because there can be no simple solutions – they are necessarily “simplex”.  Nature has inspired us such that we realise simplification is never simple and requires instead that we choose, refuse, connect, and imagine, in order to act in the best possible manner.

Thoughts adapted from a book titled “Simplexity – Simplifying Principles for a Complex World” by Alain Berthoz.


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